Chain stores & franchises … We’re the specialists!

Winter Architects has designed thousands of plans for restaurant and retail projects all across America. It’s our focus and our passion. From the start, our emphasis has been on franchise chain restaurants and retail store development. You’ll find us currently licensed in 43 states, and you’ll find our designs in nearly all 50 states plus Puerto Rico and Canada.

Timely service, meeting deadlines & constant communication

Many architecture firms find it a struggle to accept and work within the design framework of national franchise systems and chain stores. As a specialist in franchise and retail architecture, the entire Winter Architects team brings experience and understanding for both creating and following repetitive architecture design. Winter Architects provides a full range of services required when designing for chain stores and franchises.

Architectural design & layout
Renovations & additions
Bidding / negotiation
M/E/P engineering
Structural engineering

• Site / civil engineering
• Construction administration & observation
• Landscape architecture
• Building codes

• 3-D renderings
• Interior design
• Contract documentation
• Existing structure evaluation

Industry-leading chain store & franchise architect

When you’re planning for five to 30 new units a year, it requires forethought and flexibility in architectural design, something that Winter Architects has earned with thousands of designs for retail chains and franchises.

For retail design, there’s not a challenge we haven’t worked through. From multiple-unit development to prototype design, Winter Architects understands the very specialized discipline and heavy demands placed on retail space. As a specialist in retail chain store spaces, we have a current and deep understanding of costs, providing our clients with a key advantage during bidding and negotiation. As THE chain store architect, we understand that design is a key driver of business performance, and we’re proud to see our designs deliver exceptional retail experiences that have a direct impact on business performance.

For years, Winter Architects has been a trusted name and an industry leader for national chain store architectural design projects — from ground up or conversions to strip mall remodeling.

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